Kelly Clark

Business coaching that meets you where you are

Enter a new chapter with step-by-step processes and
proven frameworks designed for small businesses





It’s time to take the next step

What’s getting in-between you and the vision you have for your business
  • The daily grind?
  • No business plan?
  • Administrative tasks?
  • Burn out?

Whatever it is, let’s rein it in so you can spend less time putting out fires and more time living within your skill sets and passions – working on the business you love.

Create an environment for success

You have a purpose. Give your skills and passion more time and energy so you can celebrate your gifts and contribute to your community.

Business Coaching

Remind yourself who you are and where you want to go with life-planning workshops, critical actions that improve productivity, and accountability.

Marketing Strategy

Eliminate guesswork and save time when you have a plug-and-play marketing system.

Communication Framework

Learn the science behind how to communicate in a way that holds your customers’ attention.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’re the lifeblood of your community. You need the time and energy necessary to focus on your passions and purpose.

Be proud of your life’s work

We’ll talk business and the dreams you have for your business. If you decide we’re a good fit, we’ll get our first strategy session on the books.


2. make a plan

We’ll create a customized road map that matches your goals and pain points.

3. more focus

Give yourself the time and energy you need.

Don’t limit your impact

You want your business to become what you imagined it would be: full of passion, creativity, and growth. Unfortunately, running a small business also means you have to take time away from your gifts and abilities to deal with the daily grind, administrative tasks, and putting out fires. For many, it leads to frustration and burn-out.

But I believe your life’s work is too important. Your community, your industry, and your life’s purpose suffer when your God-given gifts and passions aren’t given the structure, accountability, and processes they need to thrive. After years of business and sales experience – in addition to walking alongside loved ones founding and operating a small business – I wanted to use my passion for sound business principles to help small business owners unleash their skills into the world. I became a Business Made Simple Certified Business Coach so that I could combine my intuition and experience with a solid framework.

Connect with me today so I can learn more about your goals and the obstacles getting in the way of those goals. If we’re a good fit, we’ll work together to customize a plan for growth and success. Instead of burn out and frustrations, you’ll love your life’s work again.