Kelly Clark

Fuel your business

Frameworks build structure. 

Workshops challenge new mindsets. 

Coaching nurtures your skills.

Create more space for the work you love

Together we’ll design a custom path using proven curriculums that meet the specific needs for you and your business. 
Workshops and one-on-one coaching are available in these categories and beyond:

Workshops and one-on-one coaching elevate skills including:

  • Communication
  • Life planning
  • Negotiation
  • Direction



*Available BMSU curriculums include:

  • Hero on a Mission
  • How to Give a Great Speech
  • Negotiation Made Simple
  1. Utilize the StoryBrand framework to distill your company’s message in a way that’s clear and concise. You’ll stand out, gain brand recognition, and further unite your team.
  2. Implement proven marketing strategies, templates, and sales funnels.

*Available BMSU curriculums include:
  • StoryBrand Message Framework with partner 14Forty Marketing & Consulting
  • Marketing Made Simple
What story is your target customer living? Let’s identify it so you can add more sales strategies to your toolbox. Workshops and one-on-one coaching will give you even more insight into how our brains process and receive information.  

*Available BMSU curriculums include:
  • The Customer Is the Hero
  • Proposals Made Simple
What if your products could be even more profitable? Let’s identify opportunities for more financial success with a proven playbook that’s sustainable, repeatable, and efficient.  

  *Available BMSU curriculums include:
  • Product Optimization Made Simple
Where can your team become more efficient? It means more satisfied employees, more profit, and more margin for creativity and growth. A management and productivity playbook will lead you in a way that’s straightforward, clear, and repeatable.  

*Available BMSU curriculums include:
  • Management & Productivity Made Simple
As small businesses grow, finances become more and more complicated. Let’s install a simple and effective way of managing money as it comes into the company.  

*Available BMSU curriculums include:
  • Small-Business Cash Flow Made Simple

Why wait?

These standalone workshops are hosted monthly and have clear action steps for immediate transformation.
Register now and join a group of up to 25 other like-minded professionals.

Business on a Mission

Redefine “mission statement.” Learn and execute the formula for writing a new brand of mission statement that is clear, concise, and specific.

Session length: 1 day

Frequency: Once (virtual or in-person)

Group size: 5-25 people

Hero on a mission

Create a life plan and learn how to design a personalized daily planner that guides you to the life you want.

Session length: 1 day

Frequency: Once (virtual or in-person)

Group size: 5-25 people

How to Write
a Memorable Speech

Deliver a speech that will be understood, interesting, and inspire change.  Plan and clarify your speeches to move a group of people to action.

Session length: 1 day

Frequency: Once (virtual or in-person)

Group size: 5-25 people

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